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It all started in Brazil in 1990, when he created the innovative Home Theatre project that consisted, as the name says, in taking the theatre to the people's houses. The concept, which counted on the participation of actress Irene Ravache as director, evolved, and in 1993, Raul de Orofino acted on board of a commercial flight, becoming the first person to do theatre "in the clouds". Thus, another creative project was born, Theatre on Board Aeroplanes, which earned him a mention in the American Magazine Time Magazine.

From then on, he began his journey in the business world by integrating his plays in a context associated with training and corporate events. As author, he would finish off his performances by talking with the audience about the stories presented and these very talks turned into lectures. In this way, the Lecture-Performance arose.

In 1999, went down a new road across the world, presenting his work in Europe (in Portugal, Spain and Italy) and also in Africa (Angola and South Africa), carrying on to similarly develop it in Latin America (including Paraguay, apart from Brazil).

In 2010, a major step ahead is taken within this evolving cycle. Raul de Orofino launches his first book, "Mário, your humour is in the closet" where he reports real cases of transformation in companies around the world.


In the same year, and at the invitation by ISLA (current European University -Laureate International Universities), he began teaching Emotional Intelligence in a Hotel Management postgraduate degree. These lessons lasted for a period of 3 years and, from the effectiveness of this project's content, initially academic, a business project arises: the innovative Workshop of Emotional Intelligence and Relational directed to all business areas.

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