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Mário, your humour is in the closet

Raul de Orofino's book

In 2010, Raul de Orofino's book was released in Portugal. Published by 'Vogais & Companhia' and with preface by Luís Fonseca (communication consultant, former journalist, former director of 'Exame' and 'Prémio' magazines, and editor of the newspaper Público), 'Mário, your humour is in the closet' reports cases of changes people have had both in their professional and personal lives after they learn to feed off of humour.


In this work, Raul teaches us how we can learn to be flexible before what we do not control. Using the contents of his lectures, he shows us how we can live with enthusiasm when facing challenges or crises, acting in a positive and constructive manner. Laughter is a universal language, and if we make use of humour as a tool in our daily lives, we live with more quality and we will be able to love.

In 'Mário, your humour is in the closet', Raul de Orofino shows us the pathway to success, analyses the underlying concepts, the international repercussion, the reactions and testimonials from the audience of the homonymous play, and also the text of the play itself. 

It's the humour as a pathway to success. Therefore, it is no surprise that this premise always has an excellent acceptance among companies.


As he puts it: "In schools we had no classes where we could learn how to deal with the fear of what is new and unknown, and we are not taught that changing is part of life: my hair is turning greyer and my skin is going through major changes. And when we return home after work, we always think that we know what this pathway will be like, but life always plays tricks on us - it may start raining all of a sudden, we may get a call from a great friend who is away; anyway, anything can happen. Humour is the means to make you listen better to people and that will eliminate the fear of the unknown. You will then be open to dealing with the difficulties, crises and challenges you're facing in your personal and professional life. And above all, humour will make you be delighted with life, as it will give you the energy to live the actual moment by realising the difference of every day and of every life moment. It is through humour, through your joy of living, that you can better accept each person's differences!"

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