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Reunião Virtual

Emotional and Relational Intelligence Workshop

* Level I and Level II *

Baseado nos princípios da Inteligência Emocional.
A vida “nos obrigou” a termos uma comunicação online na maioria das empresas.

Concept: The Emotional and Relational Intelligence Workshop is a thorough work on people's communication and inner change, training in an emotional context, in which psychophysical exercises are applied in order to encourage the individual into learning and developing a range of emotional skills, which revolutionise the way we act and relate to others.

Goal: Emotional Intelligence consists in perceiving what we feel, identifying different emotional states, understanding their reason/cause and knowing how to deal with these emotions, be it their own or others'. This Workshop includes psychophysical exercises, where participants learn, in a playful way, how to use their intuition and emotional side in a constructive manner, contributing to the increase in productivity and, therefore, to the success of their organisation.

Purpose: This program is designed to be used in Training Sessions on Leadership, Team Building, Sales, Customer Service, Motivation Plans and Internal Stakeholder Communication. This is particularly required in merger or restructuring situations and whenever there is a need for in-depth work on motivation and flexibility in the face of change. Two content levels are available: Level I (initial module) and Level II (advanced module).

Length: The Emotional and Relational Intelligence Workshop can be planned for 8, 10 or 14 hours, depending on the customer's needs, distributed over 1 day or 2 to 3 consecutive days aimed at groups of up to 18 participants.

Please note: The relevance of this Workshop contents in the complementary manner and how they can be articulated with the curricula in place at educational institutions, with special emphasis on Business, Communication, Business Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism Schools. It is an enriching contribution to valuing courses, which in itself means an added value for students skills-wise and a differentiation for schools in terms of quality and prestige. It can be worked either in an independent manner or alongside with the Lecture-Performance.

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